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Tires can be taken for granted; most importantly tire safety can be taken for granted. The Rubber Manufacturers Assoc. has reported that two out of three drivers don’t know how to tell if their tires are bald, because of this one out of ten drivers are driving around with at least one bald tire (US Dept. of Transportation).

Tires = Safety

Now we go back to tires being taken for granted. Every day there are accidents due to tire failure, a failure caused by poor tire maintenance and or bald tire usage. It is very important to know how to check your tires to see if they are still safe and to do so on a regular basis! See our tire maintenance page for information on this.

Things to keep in mind about bald tires:

  1. They are unable to function correctly on wet roads.
  2. They are highly susceptible to punctures and blowouts.
  3. They have a higher chance of being under inflated.

My Tire Size and My Tire Pressure

Every day we get asked the same questions:

  • What is my vehicle’s tire size or how do I read my tire size?
  • What is my recommended tire pressure, correct tire pressure, or proper tire pressure?

Here is how to find out the information you need:

  1. Open door jamb and look for tire placard (sticker), it will have on it the manufacturer recommended tire size and the correct air pressure – See Example Pics.
  2. Check the vehicle’s manual.
  3. Look on the side of your tire for your size. (See below).
  4. If all else fails then call or email us your full car info 
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I am buying two new tires, do I put them on the front or back?

When installing two new tires they should always be put on the rear of the vehicle! This is to minimize the risk of hydroplaning.

If new tires are mounted on the front the back will hydroplane first and the car will fishtail. If the new tires are mounted on the back and there is a loss of traction on the front tires then the driver will feel it through the steering wheel, they can then make the necessary speed and or steering corrections to reduce the likelihood of spinning out of control.

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