Summer tires are a popular choice for many of our customers. With a summer tire you get the best drive, ride and performance out of your vehicle. Summer tires provide better road handling and control than an all season tire. That’s because a summer tire has better rubber compound designed to provide better dry grip, wet braking performance and ride comfort.

We can recommend the right tire for you and your vehicle. With our mobile tire service your new tires are installed at your home or work anywhere in the Greater Boston area.

Seasonal Tire Storage

We offer seasonal tire storage, please call or email for availability.


Before you take off into the sunset it’s always a good idea to check these easy things:

  • Check your tire pressures – including your spare! To know what your tires should be set to, reference the tire placard (sticker) found inside your driver door jamb. This should show the pressures for the front and rear tires on the car, along with the pressure setting for the spare tire.
  • Check your fluids. Make sure your oil and coolant levels are good and check the windshield washer fluid while you’re there.
  • Rotate your tires, if you haven’t had your tires rotated in the last six months or about 7,000 miles, it’s good to get that done for longer and more even tread life.
  • Have some emergency car supplies. Things like jumper cables, first aid kit, flash light and batteries, bottled water and blankets.
  • If your car is a little older, it’s always smart to have the belts and hoses checked, that’s often a job best served by your local mechanic.

Our Recommendation

Any old tire doesn’t cut it any more, with so many tire options out there it’s hard to wade through it all. We use customer feedback and testing data to help you get the right tire for your vehicle.
Please call or e-mail now for summer tire pricing and recommendation, we carry all major tire makes and models.

Mobile Tire Services

Top of the line tire machines and tools to protect your wheels and tires

Winter Tires

We also carry every major winter tire on the market so we can get you the right winter tire in Needham.

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