Appointment Policy

Missed / Cancelled Appointments

Any scheduled appointment, for a single vehicle, that is missed or cancelled is subject to a fee of $110*.

If an appointment is made for multiple vehicles and the vehicle count is reduced after the appointment is made, the appointment is subject to a fee of $110, per missing vehicle*.

*If the appointment includes items which are a special order, the fee is $400 for a wheel and tire package. This includes all wheel sales. Special order tires are subject to a fee of $250.

Rescheduling Appointments

If an appointment is rescheduled within 2 week days** (Mon-Fri) of it’s scheduled date, it is subject to a fee of $75 (per vehicle). If an appointment is rescheduled 3 or more week days** (Mon-Fri) in advance of it’s scheduled date, there is no fee. An appointment rescheduled on the day of the appointment counts as a missed appointment.

**Not including holidays

Unexpected Appointment Complications

There are issues that can arise that are outside of our control, which lead to us not being able to complete a scheduled service. For those issues, the appointment is subject to a fee of $110 (per vehicle). These issues include but aren’t limited to:

  • Missing or damaged wheel lock key/ wheel locks
  • Damaged lugs
  • Customer provided tires/wheels/sensors/hardware incorrect for the vehicle
  • Missing items needed for an appointment – example customer has their own wheel/tires – example: missing lugs/wheels/tires
  • Missing car keys

Wheel locks are an optional anti theft device some people opt for when buying a new vehicle. You will notice on a vehicle equipped with wheel locks, that one of the lug bolt/nuts holding the wheel onto the car is different than the rest. This locking nut/bolt requires an individualized key to remove them that is specific to the lock set you have. Only the dealer for your vehicle is able to obtain a replacement without a key code, if you have a key code you can contact the lock maker with the key code to have a replacement key mailed to you. A wheel lock key is required to service a vehicle equipped with wheel locks.

Wheel lock keys are typically kept in the glove box or trunk near the typical spare tire location. Often found inside a plastic package or small cloth bag.

See picture below for an example. Note that not all keys look alike.


Card on file payments

If you would like make the payment for an appointment with the card on file, there is an added 3.5% convenience fee. Card payments made in person, with the card in hand, are not subject to this fee.


For any questions about our appointment policy please call or email us.