Appointment Policy

Missed / Cancelled Appointments

Any scheduled appointment, for a single vehicle, that is missed or cancelled is subject to a fee of $110*.

If an appointment is made for multiple vehicles and the vehicle count is reduced after the appointment is made, the appointment is subject to a fee of $110, per missing vehicle*.

*If the appointment includes items which are a special order, the fee is $400 for a wheel and tire package. This includes all wheel sales. Special order tires are subject to a fee of $250.

Rescheduling Appointments

If an appointment is rescheduled within 2 week days** (Mon-Fri) of it’s scheduled date, it is subject to a fee of $75 (per vehicle). If an appointment is rescheduled 3 or more week days** (Mon-Fri) in advance of it’s scheduled date, there is no fee. An appointment rescheduled on the day of the appointment counts as a missed appointment.

**Not including holidays

Unexpected Appointment Complications

There are issues that can arise that are outside of our control, which lead to us not being able to complete a scheduled service. For those issues, the appointment is subject to a fee of $110 (per vehicle). These issues include but aren’t limited to:

  • Missing or damaged wheel lock key/ wheel locks
  • Damaged lugs
  • Customer provided tires/wheels/sensors/hardware incorrect for the vehicle
  • Missing items needed for an appointment – example customer has their own wheel/tires – example: missing lugs/wheels/tires
  • Missing car keys

Card on file payments

If you would like make the payment for an appointment with the card on file, there is an added 3.5% convenience fee. Card payments made in person, with the card in hand, are not subject to this fee.


For any questions about our appointment policy please call or email us.