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  • Brief Company History of Goodyear

Frank A. Seiberling founded Goodyear in 1898 in Akron, Ohio. In 1912 the first Goodyear blimp made its debut. In 1970 the Apollo 14’s MET had Goodyear tires on, the first tires on the moon. Today Goodyear is the third largest tire company in the world behind Bridgestone and Michelin.

  • Where are Goodyear tires made / manufactured?

Goodyear tires are manufactured all over the world, most of their tires are made in the US, but their tires are also manufactured in Canada, Mexico and Europe. Some of the US facilities are located in Gadsden, AL; Topeka, KS; Danville, VA and Union City, TN.

  • What types of tires does Goodyear make / manufacture?

Goodyear manufactures tires for passenger cars, motorcycles, commercial trucks, light trucks, SUV’s, racecars, airplanes and earth moving machinery.