Time to start thinking about your WINTER TIRES

We have snow tires
& can help you swap
your existing snow tires.

What you should know about snow tires:

1 – Snow tires are made differently, the rubber snow tires are made out of is designed to be softer in colder temperatures! This means the snow tires make proper contact with the ground when it’s cold unlike all-seasons and summers which stiffen, lowering the amount of tread making contact with the road.

2 – Snow tires have extra sipes (cuts in the tread) which improve traction on icy roads.

3 – Do I need 2 or 4 snow tires? Only having two is kind of like walking around with a boot and a sneaker on in the snow, for a vehicle it can be very dangerous to only install 2 snow tires. You want to be able to accelerate, brake and better control your vehicle through winter’s challenges. Having only two installed can drastically change how your vehicle handles in winter conditions. All tire manufacturers recommend installing four and so do we!

4 – Are snow tires affordable? Snow tires are very affordable, not only that but they also extend the life of your other tires. Most people like to have a second set of rims to go with their snow tires but the choice is yours. We have affordable rim and snow tires options!

The best time to change your winter tires is when the temperatures a consistently low. Because winter tires are made with rubber designed to be supple in cold temperatures they become too soft in warm temperatures causing the tires to wear faster. We’re on the tipping point of consistently low temperatures so the time to do your season swap is near!

Do you have questions about winter tires? Give me a call or email and I’d be happy to help.

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