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We sell every Pirelli tire including the popular ones like Pirelli Scorpion Verde, Pirelli P Zero, Pirelli Scorpion Winter and more.

    • Brief Company History of Pirelli

    Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded Pirelli tires in 1872 in Milan, Italy. The headquarters still remain in Milan and the company’s focus is still on the production of tires. Since 2007, Pirelli has been the main supplier of tires for the World Rally Championship, the British Rally Championship, the Superbike World Championship and the British Superbike Championship.

    • Where are Pirelli tires made / manufactured?

    Pirelli has 24+ factories in 12 countries around the world.

    • What types of tires does Pirelli make / manufacture?

    Pirelli manufacturers tires for passenger vehicles, motorcycles, light trucks, buses, tractor-trailers, agricultural machinery and earth movers. Pirelli focus is on the high-end portion of its market and is known for high performance car and motorcycle tires.

Pirelli P Zero

Pirelli P Zero shown above

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